About Sunset Prayer

Thirty years ago, a handful of people lovingly called the God Squad began prayer meetings in my home. I was a Christian musician and at concerts would invite people to come to the house any night for prayer meeting. As people came in the door, they wrote their requests on a white board. We’d chat for a while and would then get into prayer. Various people would pray for the items that caught their attention on the white board. Some nights we’d review prayers that were answered. Those answered prayers were placed in a diary type log for future reference and encouragement.

One special night Ralph Piper showed up. He heard the invitation at one of the concerts and realized the address was one he often delivered pizza to. When Ralph first attended, he could barely speak due to serious stuttering. But that night, he asked for prayer for healing. Prayer he got and healing he received.

Within a few weeks Ralph was talking up a storm and within a year, he was working in the children’s ministry in a local church where he began to teach the love of Jesus to children year after year. (That’s a story in itself). One of the things he would say to the children was that when they saw a sunset, to think of him because he would be praying. Ralph makes it a practice to this day to pray at sunset. He often posts pictures of the sunset on Facebook.

He visited our home a few weeks ago after my wife and I had been talking about what we could do to begin some type of ministry. When Ralph told us the story of the sunset prayer time, the three of us realized, this was the ministry option we’d been looking for.

Thirty years later, the God Squad goes online for an online prayer meeting. Over time, we will have an area where prayer requests can be placed, where answered prayer can be logged, and most important, a place where people who believe in the power of prayer can share together in prayer at sunset, whatever time that occurs in your corner of the world!

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