Salt to the World!

Had a wonderful time with family today. So blessed with what God has given us! Connie and I topped off the evening with prayer for our children, our place of work, and those we influence day in and day out. Today, as Christians, our beliefs that used to be considered the norm, are no longer the norm. We are now judged by those who consider us to be judgers. It is assumed that we are against the very people we love who have beliefs different from ours.

To the contrary.  Christ himself called us to be in the world, not of the world. We must be in the world and we must care about those that believe differently.

Pray that you can be a positive influence in your daily life and that you can make a difference for those you have community with, those you work with and those you serve. We are not called to be judges. Rather we are called to be salt. Bring flavor to the world around you!

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