Time Enough

Too busy? Running too fast to find time for prayer? No time for quiet? When you get to that point, or worse yet, when you’ve been at that pace for some time, remember who the maker of time is. The very One that made all things and determined the measure of time itself, waits patiently on you!

One thought on “Time Enough”

  1. Hello my name is Ralph Piper tonight I had a high school graduation to go to. So I didn’t make it to my normal place to pray. But on my way from the high school to the place we were going to eat. I had my time in prayer talking to God. Just like he was setting in the car with me . And on my drive. I found a spot and took a picture of the sunset. Keeping somewhat to my normal routine. Praying at sunset. And still keeping up with everyday life. The great thing is our God is available to listen 24 / 7 .


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